June 17, 2024

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Status of Projects

COMPLETED - CR 116/CSAH 115 @ Hwy 55 in Medina


Hennepin County worked with MnDOT and the City of Medina to upgrade the intersection of CR 116 @ Hwy 55. Improvements involved work both north and south of Hwy 55 and included double left turn lanes for southbound vehicles on CR 116 to go east on Hwy 55. Construction was completed in July 2018.
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COMPLETED - Hwy 55 @ Hwy 25 in Buffalo


MnDOT District 3 made intersection improvements at this location to include double left turn lanes on all approaches and improvements to qualify the railroad crossing on the south leg of Hwy 25 to be a “Quiet Zone”. Construction was completed in late 2016.

COMPLETED - Hwy 55 - Buffalo to Rockford


Work began during the summer of 2018 to fully reconstruct seven miles of TH 55 from Main Street in Rockford to East Division Street in Buffalo. This reconstruction included updates to shoulders, turn lanes, culverts, and cattle passes. Construction was completed in late August of 2018.

COMPLETED - Settler’s Parkway @ Hwy 55/CSAH 34 in Buffalo


The City of Buffalo worked with MnDOT and Wright County to construct a new roadway connecting TH 25 on the south of Hwy 55 to Hwy 55/CSAH 34 along Settler’s Parkway. The project also closed the existing CR 147 intersection with Hwy 55. See Homepage for information on this project.

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