March 18, 2018

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Status of Projects

CR 116/CSAH 115 @ Hwy 55 in Medina

Hennepin County is working with MnDOT and the City of Medina to upgrade the intersection of CR 116 @ Hwy 55. The project is in the final design phase with construction in 2017. Proposed improvements would involve work both north and south of Hwy 55. There will also be a double left turn for southbound vehicles on CR 116 to go east on Hwy 55.

In the interim Hennepin County and MnDOT is providing a temporary intersection improvement through striping and signing.

COMPLETED - Hwy 55 @ Hwy 25 in Buffalo


MnDOT District 3 made intersection improvements at this location to include double left turn lanes on all approaches and improvements to qualify the railroad crossing on the south leg of Hwy 25 to be a “Quiet Zone”. Construction was completed in late 2016.

COMPLETED - Settler’s Parkway @ Hwy 55/CSAH 34 in Buffalo


The City of Buffalo worked with MnDOT and Wright County to construct a new roadway connecting TH 25 on the south of Hwy 55 to Hwy 55/CSAH 34 along Settler’s Parkway. The project also closed the existing CR 147 intersection with Hwy 55. See Homepage for information on this project.

View a Map of the Project

Hwy 55 Resurfacing Project 2012

From Ash Street in Rockford to west of Pinto Drive in Medina. See Homepage for information on this project.

Purpose and Benefits
The project restored the pavement structure and improved ride quality.  The project also improved safety for motorists and pedestrians.

Project Description

• Hwy 55 resurfacing project from Ash Street in Rockford to west of Pinto Drive in Medina
• Alternate Bid—Asphalt vs Concrete Design bid  (Asphalt was determined to be the low bid

Safety Improvements

 Add turn lanes at Vernon Street, Sioux Trail, Nyles Court, Yvette Street, Lake Sarah Heights Drive, Town Hall Drive, Pioneer Trail and Rolling Hills Road
• ADA Improvements, guardrail, curb & gutter and drainage

COMPLETED - Mn/DOT Metro TH 55 Environmental Assessment


Due in large part to the efforts of the Coalition, planning is moving forward for the future expansion and reconstruction of Highway 55 from Plymouth to Rockford. Hennepin County and the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) have prepared an Environmental Assessment/Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EA/EAW) for the purposes of corridor preservation. The EA/EAW assessed the potential impacts of the project and will help in obtaining federal funding for right of way preservation. Construction on the project is not programmed in the Mn/DOT 20-year plan and, therefore, there is currently no funding designated for construction. However, the EA/EAW and corridor preservation processes will allow construction of the project to proceed efficiently when funding is secured.

The Federal Highway Administration issued a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for this project on December 30, 2008.

Right-of-way acquisition may now proceed as funding becomes available.

The Highway 55 Corridor Coalition allocated $500,000 in federal funds for this project.

COMPLETED - Calder Avenue/CR 134 @ TH 55 in Buffalo


Mn/DOT worked with Wright County and City of Buffalo on a project to extend the existing four-lane southeast of Buffalo through the intersection of Wright County Road 134. The Hwy 55 Coalition directed funding toward this project, which added almost a mile of four-lane and a traffic signal at the intersection of TH 55 and Co. Rd. 134. Construction on this project was completed in 2009.

The Highway 55 Corridor Coalition allocated $1,897,439 in federal funding for this improvement.

COMPLETED - Fernbrook Lane in Plymouth


The City of Plymouth has completed work in 2008 to add additional turn lanes and access control on Fernbrook Lane and TH 55. This improvement will improve traffic flow through the intersection and improve safety on the Fernbrook Lane approaches to the TH 55 intersection.

The Highway 55 Corridor Coalition allocated $675,000 in federal funding for this improvement.

COMPLETED - CSAH 12 @ TH 55 in Buffalo


Wright County and MnDOT worked together to improve the intersection of CSAH 12 and TH 55 including the installation of a traffic signal. This improvement will improve the safety of the intersection that is near to the new elementary school that opened in 2006. The project was completed in 2009.

The Highway 55 Corridor Coalition allocated $380,000 in federal funds for this improvement.

COMPLETED - Construction Project - TH 55 in Buffalo


The TH 55 construction project in Buffalo from 200 feet east of the TH25 intersection to 1600 feet west of County Road 134 was started in May of 2004. It was completed in late summer 2005. The project construction cost was approximately $9.5 million dollars.

This segment of TH 55 was converted to an urban 4-lane divided highway. The temporary wood pole signals were replaced with permanent signal systems at the reconstructed intersections.

CSAH 35 was also relocated as part of this project. The City of Buffalo also upgraded added water and sanitary pipelines along the project corridor.

before.jpg after.jpg
Traffic congestion on TH 55 prior and during construction in Buffalo Aerial view of completed segment of TH 55 in Buffalo

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