May 21, 2024

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Get Involved

What can you do? It's simple:

• Join the Highway 55 Corridor Coalition - as our membership grows, our ability to highlight the importance of this project with state and federal elected officials grows, too.

• Take a moment to let your elected officials know how you feel - visit our Find Your Elected Officials page, then drop them a letter, send an e-mail, pick up the phone. You may even want to ask about Highway 55 expansion when you see them at church, the local store or at a parade. Communicating with Elected Officials is easy when you check out the information on this page and one of the biggest concerns most elected officials express is that they never hear from the public about issues. Here's your chance to be heard.

• Encourage your friends, neighbors and local elected officials to get involved, too. The more the merrier.

• Stay informed. Find out if that new convenience store, fast-food restaurant or other business planned along Highway 55 in your area will be observing the setbacks needed to expand the highway in the future before they build. It's your tax dollars you're saving!

• Additional ideas for how people can get involved are always welcome. Give us your thoughts, visit our Comments/Suggestions page.

We need everyone's help to make our expanded vision of a Highway 55 Corridor into reality. Won't you please join us?

2024 Highway 55 Corridor Coalition.
Last Updated: January 2017


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