April 16, 2024

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Communicating with Elected Officials

It's simple to communicate with elected officials, but there are a few special rules, which you may wish to follow:

Addressing Letters:

Elected officials have been granted a title of distinction by the voters who entrusted those officials with the position they hold.  Therefore, addressing letters to elected officials takes on a slightly different tone from that of other individuals.  You should always lead with, "The Honorable (followed by their first and last name)."  The next line should be their title, and following lines should be the address lines.

The Honorable Joseph Smith
Minnesota State Representative
(Address line)
St, Paul, MN (Zip)

You should begin your letter with, "Dear (title last name),"

Dear State Representative Smith,

Keep your letter brief and to the point and have someone else read it before sending it just to make sure you've made your point clearly and respectfully.

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