June 17, 2024

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Representative Kennedy Addresses Transportation Issues

At a recent Transportation Forum hosted by the St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce, 6th District Congressman Mark Kennedy provided the latest information on federal transportation legislation affecting Minnesota. Representative Kennedy is a member of the House Transportation’s Infrastructure Committee. He felt it was possible that reauthorization could be accomplished this spring. Since 2004, federal road, bridge and transit funding has been provided under a series of continuing resolutions, a Congressional funding method in lieu of a multi-year reauthorization bill. 

Representative Kennedy noted the national six-year reauthorization level would be about $284 billion; however, because of various budget enhancements and adjustments, the actual funding will be more like $299 billion. He predicted this could increase Minnesota’s transportation funding from $400 million to approximately $600 million per year, a 50 percent increase. 

Representative Kennedy also reiterated his support for the TH 55 Corridor Improvement Program in a discussion with local officials, including Karla Heeter, Wright County Commissioner and Wayne Fingalson, Wright County Engineer. State transportation funding challenges and opportunities were also discussed and specific legislative proposals were presented by various transportation advocacy groups. A panel of area legislators then reacted to these proposals. 

The Transportation Forum was convened to help local officials better understand the latest transportation funding issues.

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