June 17, 2024

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Highway 55 Corridor Coalition Attends Transportation Day at the State Capitol

On Wednesday, February 9, members of the Highway 55 Corridor Coalition joined Minnesota transportation officials at the capitol in St. Paul to meet with Senators and Representatives to address the growing transportation needs along the Trunk Highway 55 corridor and throughout the entire state. During the day, representatives from Hennepin (Assistant Administrator Gary Erickson) and Wright Counties (County Commissioners Elmer Eichelberg and Dick Mattson, and County Engineer Wayne Fingalson) participated in a morning rally in the Capitol’s rotunda, which was attended by over 300 people including local elected officials and all of the local TV stations. Participants in the rally attended a luncheon where they heard key legislative leaders discuss transportation funding issues. The day concluded with individual meetings with local legislators to discuss the future on Trunk Highway 55 and request that it become a higher priority for safety improvements and capacity enhancements. Senator Mark Ourada of Buffalo indicated that he wants to see this improved to a safer, expanded roadway very soon.

The following day, Senate Transportation Chair Steve Murphy, along with the lead Republican on the Transportation Committee, Mark Ourada, introduced their proposed plan for funding the State’s systems of roads, highways, bridges and transit. The Senate’s bipartisan plan is a step forward in helping create a safer, more efficient transportation system - including the Trunk Highway 55 corridor.

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